Casale SpA

Client: Casale S.p.A.

Casale di Felino – Parma plant

Isolcell Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen for packaging ham and cured meats

The Casale food processing company has been an important player in the Italian and European food processing industry for many years. Over time, the plant has undergone several expansions that have led to an annual output of approximately 200,000 hams, including raw Parma PDO hams and national and foreign raw hams, and the capacity to slice 8,000 hams and other cured meats weekly.

Nitrogen plant features:

The requirements addressed

The customer was seeking a plant that could generate the nitrogen required by its production processes. At the same time it wanted to monitor the percentages of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the gas mixtures sent to the various sliced meat packing stations.

Isolcell Nitrogen Generator the economical and safe solution

In September 2017, Casale Spa purchased 2 Isolcell nitrogen generators and a Seleca 8-input Isolcell Nitrogen-Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyzer.