Ultra low power consumption portable oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer


OXYCARB 6 is a portable oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer

OXYCARB 6 is a portable oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer. OXYCARB 6 use new generation sensors, which are temperature compensated and energy – efficient, electrochemical type for oxygen and infrared for carbon dioxide. OXYCARB 6 has been conceived in order to be the benchmark on the market of portable gas analyzers. Here below some of the main features of this innovative gas analyzer: high accuracy, with second decimal place analysis, high batterylife excellent long-term stability, temperature compensated measurements, simple and intuitive graphic interface, plot capacity of the real-time graphs, digital control of the analysis pump for a constant stream independent the filter status and the length of he pipes. This analyzer has been developed to fullfill the needs of the foodstuffs’ storage industry in Controlled Atmosphere and to simplify the control of the storage parameters. Versions are available that only measure oxygen (OXYCHECK) or carbon dioxide (CARBOCHECK).

The OXYCARB 6 therefore allows: