Analyzers CO2, O2, C2 H4

To comply with the large number of requests, ISOLCELL builds a new range of CO2, O2 analyzers, extremely precise and easy to use. The production includes centralized analyzers to be placed in the machine room, desk and portable instruments. For C02 the gas measuring is carried out with infrared.

Multiplex Mini

The MULTIPLEX MINI is a centralized CO2 and O2 analyzer developed to meet the needs of customers who have a small number of rooms to analyze. It is equipped with a microprocessor to provide automatic operation of a CA facility. The basic unit can control up to 8 rooms, and its modular design ensures expandability. The analyzer uses an electrochemical cell for oxygen analysis, while for CO2 it uses an infrared cell; its sensors are all durable and offer proven reliability. The MULTIPLEX MINI can be networked to a computer-based management system to maintain optimal storage parameter levels, using dedicated proprietary software.

Multiplex Plus

The MULTIPLEX PLUS is a latest-generation CO2 and O2 centralized analyzer capable of detecting second decimal. It is especially suitable for applications that require high accuracy, therefore it can be used for measuring both ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) and DCA (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere) storage rooms. Also, thanks to its extreme accuracy, MULTIPLEX PLUS is also suitable for detection of respiratory quotient (RQ).

Oxycarb 6

OXYCARB 6 is a portable oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer. OXYCARB 6 use new generation sensors, which are temperature compensated and energy - efficient, electrochemical type for oxygen and infrared for carbon dioxide.

Seleca Cube

The SELECA CUBE analyser is designed specifically for the analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide in controlled atmosphere rooms. The Seleca Cube series, thanks to the reduced size of its casing, is designed for small systems. The small size allows it to be easely installed on walls.